Electronics for displacement measurements with 25pm resolution

Our partner has developed and patented a technology for the displacement measurement using solely a single optical fiber. In order to create a marketable product, n-hands has developed an electronic control unit perfectly matched to the invented sensor head. Special emphasis was put on a high level of automation and „ease of use“ of the electronics and corresponding software. In addition to software-based position indication, the device posesses incremental and absolute real-time position ouputs. An iPad application allows the visualization of target position time trace and frequency analysis.
  • achievable position resolution: 25pm
  • maximum target velocity: 1m/s
  • USB2.0 High Speed Speed Interface
  • 100MBit Ethernet Interface
  • 54MBit WLAN Interface
  • High Speed quadrature outputs
  • controllable through iPad application
  • Proprietary data visulazation and storage application, Windows & Linux DLL