Piezo Drive Controller

One of our customerís core competences is the design and development of piezo-based positioners, providing a travel range on the centimeter scale while being capable of sample positioning with nanometer resolution. In addition, the piezo positioners possess attributes and specifications which separate our customerís products from devices of other competitors. In order to control the piezo motors in such a way that nanometer precision is reached in combination with target velocities of up to several centimeters per second, drive electronics with specific algorithms for position feedback and control became necessary.
We use the following technologies for the piezo drive controller:
  • up to 7 high-power operational amplifiers for the voltage supply of the piezo stages at voltages up to 140V and frequencies up to 20kHz
  • position readback and algorithms for closed-loop position control using digital signal processing and FPGA
  • operation in both stand alone and remote control mode. (stand alone operation using front panel control; remote operation using PC software and DLL through USB 2.0 and fast Ethernet. Further remote operation using wirelesss connectivity to Apple iPod and iPad)